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Terms and Conditions

  1. Holder of the website Corporate Information and Contact Details

The entity holding this website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is Tuitive Health S.L., with NIF number B-02995090, registered address at Calle Alfonso XII, number 32 – 4º DCHA, 28014, Madrid, and registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 41105, Folio 110, first registration with Sheet M-728936.

If you wish to contact Tuitive Health S.L., you can use the postal address mentioned above or, if you prefer, via email at


  1. Content of the Website and Purpose

The term “Website” refers to and includes both the visible part during navigation (accessible to the general public ―including interfaces, graphics, visual elements, etc., as well as the underlying source code and object code―) and any private sections of the Website.

Tuitive Health S.L. makes this Website available to the public to provide useful information about the activities and services offered and to allow subscription to the programs and training courses offered on the Website (hereinafter, the “Program(s)”).


  1. User Status and Obligation to Comply with These Terms and Conditions

Any person who accesses, navigates, or otherwise interacts with the Website is considered a user of the Website (hereinafter, the “User” or “Users”): (i) a student enrolled in a Program, or (ii) a User who simply accesses the Website.

Being a User implies acceptance of these terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”), which are binding on both the User and Tuitive Health S.L. and expressly regulate the contractual relationships between Tuitive Health S.L. and third parties who contract products or services offered on the Website.

To use this Website and/or contract a training Program offered, the User must first carefully read these Terms and Conditions and comply with them in their entirety. If the User does not understand these Terms and Conditions, they should immediately leave the Website and refrain from subscribing to any Program.

In this regard, Tuitive Health S.L. informs Users of the following:

  • Tuitive Health S.L. will record, through technical means, the day and time when the User accepts these Terms and Conditions, along with their IP address and other related information (such as IP, browser and its version, location (via IP), language (through browser settings), operating system (via browser)). This acceptance by the User is equivalent to their signature on these Terms and Conditions, which is the contract governing their relationship with Tuitive Health S.L. and any other third parties with whom the User might contract through the Website.
  • The User can correct any provided data errors by sending an email to


  1. Conditions for Subscription to the Programs Offered on the Website. Rights and Obligations of the User

4.1. Basic Characteristics of the Programs, Requirements for Students, and Price

The Website offers in-person Programs that use theoretical materials, audiovisual presentations, added-value documents on various specialized topics, and practical cases involving advanced medical imaging techniques related to Radiology and Cardiology. These Programs allow for extensive interaction between teachers and students, providing ample opportunities to ask questions and resolve doubts to strengthen acquired concepts. Additionally, the Programs may include other types of services, such as symposia, interactive sessions, live cases, and/or others as determined by Tuitive Health S.L. and the course organizers at any given time.

Subscription to the Programs must be done following the instructions mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other specific conditions indicated on screen during navigation or otherwise provided on the Website. The User declares to have read and expressly accepted these specific conditions as necessary and obligatory for accessing the services and/or Programs offered through the Website.

In this regard, Tuitive Health S.L. informs the User that Tuitive Health S.L. is a private company not affiliated with any university or public/private educational institution, and the certificates it issues are strictly private and personal. The Program directors commit to issuing and delivering a certificate or document accrediting the completed studies once the Program is completed and paid in full. This certificate will include a document signed by a professional recognized as a cardiovascular CT expert by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI Level 3), validating the cases reviewed during the Program (“logbook”). To obtain these certificates, the student must meet the conditions set for this purpose.

The certificate issued upon completion of the Program is a private document from the course directors and is not necessarily recognized by any public entity. If the Program is recognized by external bodies, such as universities or associations, through accreditation or “endorsement,” this will be explicitly indicated on the Website.

Users who wish to subscribe to a Program declare that they have sufficient IT skills to follow the program’s methodology and complete it with full guarantees of acquiring the necessary knowledge for the corresponding certificates. As a mandatory condition, Users who wish to subscribe to a Program must hold a degree in Medicine to enroll and participate in the corresponding Program. When making the purchase, the User expressly declares and guarantees that they have full legal capacity to contract the services provided by Tuitive Health S.L. or, if any third-party authorization is required, that they possess it and can demonstrate it.

The Programs, along with their characteristics and price, will be displayed in explanatory screens on the Website. The price indicated on screen will be shown in euros and will include applicable indirect taxes, unless otherwise expressly indicated. This price will always be in effect when the User makes the purchase, unless there’s a typographical error.

Tuitive Health S.L. can conduct promotional campaigns that may include discounts on the Program’s price, such as through coupons or discounts. During payment, coupon codes or other methods established by Tuitive Health S.L. can be entered, which will reduce the order price by the amount previously set.


4.2. Program Subscription Procedure. Forms and Methods of Payment.

To subscribe to a Program, the User must select the desired Program and click on the “Purchase” or “Enroll in Program” button, or similar expression, and complete the required information, then proceed to pay the Program’s price. By clicking the aforementioned button, the User expressly accepts all the Program’s conditions and commits to complying with them. Prior to this, the User must review the characteristics presented on the Website or in specific text documents for the selected Program, considering the chosen options, price, or applicable taxes, to determine if the Program meets their needs.

Tuitive Health S.L. will request the User to provide certain information on the Website by completing an electronic form, requiring that all mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk (*), be completed. The Privacy Policy adopted by Tuitive Health S.L. outlines how personal data of Website Users and Program Students will be processed.

The User will see the terms of the Program subscription on screen and must accept them to continue with the contracting process. Subsequently, the User will receive a confirmation message of the operation from Tuitive Health S.L. / at the email address provided by the User during registration. However, until the User completes the payment, they will not acquire the status of a Student and cannot reserve their spot in the Program or access related content.

The payment for the Program can be made using a credit or debit card, or by other payment methods enabled on the Website, which will be managed by third-party entities unrelated to Tuitive Health S.L., leading to the User leaving the Website to access these providers’ controlled environments for payment.

To proceed with the payment, the User will enter the controlled environment of the respective payment service provider (an environment outside the Website and not controlled by Tuitive Health S.L.), where they will see the amount and reference of the purchase, and be asked to provide information such as (as required by the payment service provider): a) Card number; b) Expiry date; c) CVV (three-digit security code printed on the card). Given that payment occurs in an environment outside the Website, the User acknowledges that any questions or issues related to this process must be addressed with the payment service provider, in accordance with its terms and conditions, and not with Tuitive Health S.L., which has no control over the payment tool or processes the data provided by Users for payment.

  1. General Characteristics of the Programs and Scope of Responsibility of Tuitive Health S.L.. Right of Withdrawal of the User

5.1. Characteristics

The Website is a training platform that promotes Programs with in-person assistance aimed at medical professionals interested in the field of Cardiac Imaging. These are case-based Programs and lectures featuring both Cardiologists and Radiologists as speakers. The User, upon payment of the Program’s fee, may have access to any pre-course materials, including text documents and/or audiovisual materials. These materials, if available, will be accessible to the User for the period described below:

  • Madrid Cardiac CT Spectral Academy Level 2: 3 months from the start of the Program.

5.2 Scope of Responsibility of Tuitive Health S.L. for the Programs and Other Elements of the Website

Tuitive Health S.L. will provide the services with the highest possible efficiency, given the existing means and technologies. However, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User expressly acknowledges that Tuitive Health S.L. and the Program organizers (i) cannot fully guarantee the reliability, continuity, utility, absence of errors and/or harmful software, or the truthfulness of all the content and/or services offered through the Website; (ii) carry out periodic reviews of the Website but cannot fully guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of all its elements at all times. If the User encounters any issues during the Program access period, they can send screenshots or any other record of the issue to the email address, so Tuitive Health S.L. and the Program organizers can guide the User on how to proceed after evaluating the specific circumstances.

As a result, Tuitive Health S.L. does not guarantee nor is responsible for: (i) the continuity of the Website’s content; (ii) the absence of harmful components on the Website or on the server supplying it; (iii) the invulnerability of the Website and/or the security measures taken; (iv) any damage or harm that might be caused to themselves or to a third party by anyone who violates the conditions, rules, and instructions set by Tuitive Health S.L. on the Website or through a breach of the Website’s security systems.

Notwithstanding the above, Tuitive Health S.L. declares that it has taken all necessary measures, within its capabilities and according to the current state of technology, to ensure the proper functioning of the Website and Programs and to prevent the existence and transmission of harmful components.

Tuitive Health S.L. will not be responsible for the truthfulness, completeness, or currency of the information published on the Website from external sources (external news, user opinions, third-party or entity consideration of the Programs, other websites accessible through links on the Website, etc.).

Tuitive Health S.L. will not assume responsibility for any hypothetical damages that might arise from the use of the aforementioned information. In no case will these mentioned contents, opinions, comments, and/or links be considered recommendations, sponsorships, promotions, or advertising by Tuitive Health S.L.

Tuitive Health S.L. will not be responsible for circumstances arising from causes beyond its control, which may include, but not be limited to: force majeure, Internet access issues, technological problems beyond the diligent and reasonable management by the Website owner and its Programs, actions or omissions by third parties, or any circumstance related to the purchase or non-purchase of Programs by Website Users, etc. In all these cases, beyond the control and due diligence of Tuitive Health S.L., there will be no compensation from Tuitive Health S.L. to Users for any damages, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

The failure or non-exercise by Tuitive Health S.L. of any right or provision contained in these Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver thereof unless acknowledged and agreed to in writing by Tuitive Health S.L.


5.3 Right of Withdrawal

The User is obliged to pay the full price of the Program, regardless of the chosen method or means of payment. However, Tuitive Health S.L. informs the User that they may withdraw from the Program purchase and obtain a refund of the amount paid up to 15 business days before the Program’s start date. Users wishing to exercise this right must contact Tuitive Health S.L. and the Website before the indicated deadline through the following email address: If the User does not communicate their intent to cancel their subscription to the Program by email within the specified period, they must pay the full price (regardless of the method or means of payment chosen) and, therefore, will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid to date. The period stated in this Clause may be extended based on temporary offers and promotions published by Tuitive Health S.L. and expressly notified to the User. In this regard, the specific terms of each promotion will be considered in the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

If Tuitive Health S.L. does not admit a student, it will only refund the amount paid for the purchase of their Program in the same payment method used during the purchase or another method agreed upon with the student, with no obligation for Tuitive Health S.L. to cover any expenses incurred in that operation.


  1. Obligations of Tuitive Health S.L.

Tuitive Health S.L. commits to fulfilling the following obligations:

  • Make the necessary information related to the Programs available to the User on the Website.
  • Send the User, at the email address indicated on the registration form, confirmation acknowledging the receipt of the registration request by Tuitive Health S.L., along with its terms and conditions.
  • Use all reasonable care and professionalism in providing the services and Programs offered.


  1. User Responsibilities

The User will be responsible and expressly agrees to bear the consequences of:

  • All actions that violate these Terms and Conditions, the law, morality, generally accepted customs, and public order.
  • Any action taken differently from what Tuitive Health S.L. indicates in its instructions regarding the use of the Website and the Program.
  • The certainty, accuracy, validity, and timeliness of the data used to fill out each form on the Website provided by Tuitive Health S.L.
  • Any direct or indirect damage or harm that might be caused if the User loses, discloses, neglects, or, in any way, allows a third party to know their personal information required for Website registration or subscription/access to a Program.
  • Using the Website or its Programs in a manner that could cause damage, interruptions, inefficiencies, or defects in its operation.
  • Using the Website or its Programs for transmitting, installing, or publishing any virus, malicious code, or other harmful or non-harmful programs or files.
  • Using the Website or its Programs to collect personal data from other Users, which Tuitive Health S.L. expressly prohibits.
  • Altering or modifying, fully or partially, the Website or its Programs, bypassing, deactivating, or manipulating in any other way their functions or services.
  • Transmitting, disclosing, sending, or disseminating information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound/image files, photographs, recordings, software, and, in general, any obscene, offensive, vulgar material or that induces criminal actions, denigratory, defamatory, infamously violent, or generally contrary to the law, morality, generally accepted customs, or public order, regardless of whether they discredit, slander, contain racist or xenophobic remarks, disrespect, or go against morality, generally accepted customs, and/or public order regarding any physical or legal person. In this sense, Tuitive Health S.L. and the Program’s organization reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel access to any Program the infringing User has subscribed to and/or expel the User from any social network or community of Tuitive Health S.L. in which they may participate. In this case, the User expressly acknowledges that they will not have the right to a refund for the Program’s price or any compensation, without prejudice to other actions that Tuitive Health S.L. might pursue for such acts.
  • Accessing or attempting to access, without authorization, any section of the Website or Programs, other systems or networks connected to the Website or Programs, the Website’s servers, or services offered through the Website or Programs, through hacking or forgery, password extraction, or any other illegitimate means (that is, by any means not specifically indicated by Tuitive Health S.L. for this purpose).
  • Breaching or attempting to breach the Website’s or Programs’ security or authentication measures or any network connected to them or the security or protection measures inherent in the content offered on the Website.
  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, permitting public access through any public communication method, transforming or modifying the content accessible on the Website or Programs, unless authorized by the rights holder or legally permitted.
  • Violating intellectual or industrial property rights or any other intangibles (among others, trade secrets, domain names, etc.), belonging to Tuitive Health S.L. or third parties; for example, by sharing with third parties, transforming, or exploiting in any way the content of the Programs without prior and express authorization from Tuitive Health S.L. or the Program organizers.
  • Engaging in fraudulent transactions or facilitating illicit or fraudulent conduct of any kind and using the content and services and, in particular, the information of any kind obtained through the Website or Programs for any advertising purpose, especially to send advertisements, direct sale communications, or any other type of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages to individuals or groups, and marketing or disclosing this information in any way.
  • Impersonating another person or User when using the Website or its Programs.
  • Contracting processes and job applications that the User applies for, without the execution of the Programs providing any guarantee of the User’s hiring.


In all the cases mentioned, beyond the control of Tuitive Health S.L. and the Program organizers, there will be no compensation from Tuitive Health S.L. to the User for any damage or harm, as the User expressly and solely assumes all responsibility for such acts. On the other hand, the User will be liable for any damage and harm of any kind that Tuitive Health S.L. may suffer as a result of non-compliance with any of the obligations assumed by the User.

For its part, Tuitive Health S.L. will not be responsible for the damage or harm caused by the misuse of the Website or its Programs and their content by the User or a third party due to reasons not attributable to Tuitive Health S.L. In any case, the responsibility that could be demanded from Tuitive Health S.L. by the User will be limited to the price of the Program contracted by the User.

In any case, the User expressly acknowledges that:

  • Tuitive Health S.L. reserves the right to remove any content that could damage its image, cause commercial harm, or offend the dignity of community members or other individuals.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. reserves the right to interrupt access to the Website or Programs and the provision of any or all its services at any time without prior notice, whether for technical, security, control, or maintenance reasons or any other founded cause. Consequently, Tuitive Health S.L. does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the Website or Programs or content, so their use is at the User’s own risk.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. is not responsible for damage or harm of any kind that might result from the technical availability and continuity of the Website’s operation. In any case, Tuitive Health S.L. will take all necessary steps to restore its services in case of technical problems.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. will take all necessary measures to protect the data stored on its servers. If any individual or legal entity accesses this data, legally or illegally, and misuses this information, they must comply with applicable legal regulations.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. is not responsible for any damage or harm of any kind resulting from accessing the content, information, advertising, opinions, concepts, or images provided by Users or third parties that are contrary to the law, morality, good faith, and public order, or that infringe intellectual, industrial, or any other rights or contain vices, defects, computer viruses, or similar software elements.
  • In any case, Tuitive Health S.L. does not assume responsibility for content and information not managed by Tuitive Health S.L. that is not managed by Tuitive Health S.L.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. may market advertising spaces (in the form of pop-ups, banners, sponsorships) or carry out marketing collaborations on the Website. If the advertising companies or collaborators collect personal data from Users (via a link or a specific registration developed for this purpose), those companies will be responsible for processing the personal data provided by the Users.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. is not responsible for failing to comply with discount and promotion announcements made by companies, brands, institutions, and other entities, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, that decide to advertise on the Website. These companies and entities will be responsible for complying with these promotions and discounts, and Tuitive Health S.L. is not liable for damage or harm caused to Users by failure to comply with these promotions and discounts.



Finally, the User acknowledges and agrees that the aforementioned scenarios will also apply (with any necessary adjustments) in relation to:

  • Any virtual scenario related to Tuitive Health S.L. or any third-party provider (including, without limitation, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any social media platform); and
  • Any physical or in-person event;

that Tuitive Health S.L., or any of its ambassadors or third-party collaborators, may organize during the period in which the User benefits from the Program or after completing the corresponding Program and becoming part of the alumni community.


  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property and Other Rights Over Intangible Assets Owned by Tuitive Health S.L. or Legally Licensed by Tuitive Health S.L.


8.1. Rights, Authorizations, and Licenses in Favor of Tuitive Health S.L.

All content displayed on the Website and in the Programs—videos, designs, drawings, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, or any other items capable of generating intellectual or industrial property rights, rights to personal image, or other rights over intangible assets—are owned by Tuitive Health S.L., or by third parties with whom legitimate agreements have been reached for their use and exploitation.

In no case shall the access, browsing, and use of the Website and/or participation in the Program by a User be construed as a waiver, transfer, license, or total or partial assignment of these rights by Tuitive Health S.L. The User has the right to use the content and/or services of the Website and the Program strictly for academic or educational purposes, for personal use within a strictly domestic scope.

Any reference to registered trademarks or trade names, or other distinctive signs, whether owned by Tuitive Health S.L. or by third parties that have licensed their use and/or exploitation to Tuitive Health S.L., carries an implicit prohibition on their use without the consent of Tuitive Health S.L. or its legitimate owners or licensees. Under no circumstances, unless expressly stated otherwise by Tuitive Health S.L. or its legitimate owners or licensees, does the access, browsing, or use of the Website and/or its content confer any right to the distinctive signs included therein.

All intellectual and industrial property rights and any other rights that may apply to the content, intangible assets, and/or services of the Website and the Programs are reserved. Specifically, modifying, copying, reproducing, publicly communicating, making available, transforming, or distributing, by any means and in any form, the Website and/or the totality or part of the content included on the Website or in its Programs is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, texts, images, trademarks, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, color combinations, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement, and presentation of its content, without prejudice to the rights third parties may have over any of the elements that comprise the content. All this is subject to obtaining prior, express, and written authorization from Tuitive Health S.L. or, if applicable, the corresponding rights owner. Furthermore, for security reasons, it is not permitted to use “frames” or mechanisms that alter or vary the original design, configuration, or content of the Website or the Programs.

None of the content hosted on the Website or presented in the Programs can be downloaded, reproduced, or used on any other device or location other than the Website or the Programs, unless Tuitive Health S.L. has provided a means for doing so.

If a user becomes aware of any illegal content, security breach, or content that may infringe on intellectual, industrial, or other rights, they should immediately notify Tuitive Health S.L. and the Website by writing to, so Tuitive Health S.L. and the Website can become aware and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Similarly, if any User or third party believes that any content on the Website or its Programs infringes on their rights, they must send the following information to

  • Identification details and contact information of the complainant or their legal representative.
  • Documentation proving their ownership of the rights allegedly infringed.
  • A detailed account of the rights allegedly infringed by Tuitive Health S.L., along with their exact location within the Website or physical courses.
  • An express statement by the complainant that the use of the content was done without the consent of the holder of the allegedly infringed rights.


8.2. User Contributions

If the User makes any work or protected performance, or any other intangible asset, available to the public through the Website or its Programs, they guarantee that they have all rights over it and/or have the necessary authorizations. In this regard, the User grants Tuitive Health S.L. and its affiliates a free, non-exclusive, worldwide license, without temporal limitation, to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate (in all its modalities), transform, and otherwise exploit such works, protected performances, and/or any other intangible assets uploaded to the Website, in any media, modality, and/or format, for any purpose.

Tuitive Health S.L. appreciates User comments and suggestions. In this regard, the User authorizes Tuitive Health S.L. to publish, disseminate, reproduce, distribute, transmit, and include in presentations, brochures, websites, etc., the testimonials made by the User on any social network or other media, whether spontaneously or upon request by Tuitive Health S.L. In this way, the User explicitly authorizes Tuitive Health S.L., on a non-exclusive, free, worldwide, and unlimited basis, to use such comments and/or testimonials for any purpose (including commercial use), including any photographs, images, text, and/or video that are part of them, including the User’s profile, as well as the intellectual, industrial property rights, and/or personal image rights related to the User and their comments and/or testimonials.


  1. Links

9.1. Links to Other Websites (Outgoing Links)

If, on the Website, the User can find links to other web pages through different buttons, links, banners, etc., these web pages will always be managed by third parties. Tuitive Health S.L. has no capacity or human or technical resources to know, control, or approve all the information, content, or services provided by other websites that may be linked to from the Website. Consequently, Tuitive Health S.L. cannot assume any responsibility for any aspect related to the web page to which a link is established from the Website; specifically, but not limited to, its operation, access, data, information, files, quality, and reliability of its products and services, its own links, and/or any of its content.

In this regard, if Users have effective knowledge of the illegality of activities conducted through these third-party web pages linked from the Website, they should immediately notify Tuitive Health S.L. at, so Tuitive Health S.L. can become aware and disable the access link to that page.

The establishment of any kind of link from the Website to another external site does not imply that there is a relationship, collaboration, or dependency between Tuitive Health S.L. and the responsible party for the external website.


9.2. Links from Other Websites to the Website (Incoming Links)

If any User, entity, or website wishes to establish any link to the Website, they must adhere to the following stipulations:

  • The link can only be directed to the homepage or home section of the Website, or to the specific Program section of the Website, unless express written authorization has been given by Tuitive Health S.L.
  • The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must lead the user, with a single click, to the specific address .academy and must cover the entire screen extension of the homepage of the Website. In no case, unless Tuitive Health S.L. expressly authorizes in writing, can the website that establishes the link reproduce, in any way, the Website, include it as part of its web, use “frames,” or create a “browser” over any page on the Website.
  • The page establishing the link must not declare in any way that Tuitive Health S.L. has authorized the link, unless Tuitive Health S.L. has done so expressly in writing. If the entity establishing the link from its page to the Website wishes to include any trademark, denomination, trade name, sign, logo, slogan, or any other identifying element of Tuitive Health S.L. and/or the Website and/or the specific Program, it must have prior written authorization.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. does not authorize the establishment of a link to the Website from those web pages that contain materials, information, or content that are illegal, unlawful, degrading, obscene, or that generally contravene morality, public order, or generally accepted social norms.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. does not have the capacity or human and technical resources to know, control, or approve all the information, content, or services provided by other websites that have established links to the Website. Therefore, it cannot be held responsible for such circumstances.
  • Tuitive Health S.L. does not assume any responsibility for any aspect related to the web page that establishes a link to the Website, including but not limited to its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links, and/or any of its content.


  1. Duration and Modification

The validity period of these Terms and Conditions coincides with their publication until they are totally or partially modified. Tuitive Health S.L. will notify Users of modifications to these Terms and Conditions at least 15 days before the changes take effect.

Acceptance of the Program subscriptions will be regulated by the Terms and Conditions published at that time on the Website and by the specific conditions of the Program, which each User will view and accept on screen.


  1. Disclaimer of Liability



  1. Privacy Policy

Any personal data provided by Users during the use of the Website will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference and expressly accepted by the User as part of the Terms and Conditions they agree to comply with.


  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The contracting of any service and/or Program through the Website will be governed by Spanish law, applicable to all matters not specifically addressed in these Terms and Conditions regarding interpretation, validity, and execution.

In case of any type of discrepancy or claim between the parties regarding the fulfillment or content of these Terms and Conditions, the parties will negotiate in good faith to resolve the discrepancy or claim within a maximum period of one month from the date when either party formally notifies the other of the issue.

However, if the discrepancy or claim is not resolved within the maximum period specified, and only in cases where the applicable law allows the parties to submit to a specific jurisdiction, Tuitive Health S.L. and the User, waiving any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Madrid, Spain.

These Terms and Conditions were last modified on January 5, 2024.

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